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Specialty Items



At Carter's we like to do more interesting flavors and colors for our truffles,
exciting ice Cream flavors, and also we like to have fun making special things to brighten your life.

Our pecan caramel turtles are not only the most delicious ones around, but they are made in little turtle shells.

Our Peanut Butter Cups are huge, and filled with nothing but our organically grown chocolate and ground peanuts.  And now we have PBJ Cups as well, with milk chocolate shell & filling, and Blackberry Jam.

People drive from miles away to come get our Turdles, peanut & caramel filled turd shells, topped with crushed peanuts,
and our rotting teeth are always a hit with kids, especailly during October.



 But the most surprising thing for me, is the popularity of Chocolate dipped Bacon!

It just flies off the shelf.  And why not? 
What is as good as Bacon?   Chocolate!
What is as good as Chocolate?   Bacon!

And our Seafoam, also known by Honeycomb Candy, and several other names,
is gaining in popularity as folks discover that we make it.  Apparantly it is not easy to find, and lots of people remember it from childhood.